Teena Stewart

Teena Stewart
Teena Stewart finds a spiritual message in working with discarded, broken, and valueless things and reworking them into something beautiful just as the Master Artist can do with our lives. She is an accomplished artist and published author who holds a BA with a graphic design major and writing concentration.

Distinguished artistic accomplishments include designing the 2010 star ornament for Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, selling her jewelry to celebrities and having her work featured on 9th & Elm.

She sells in three primary areas, online in two Etsy stores.

Serendipitini (http://www.etsy.com/shop/Serendipitini) features gifts and jewelry with a recycled glass theme and includes glass art window decors, suncatchers, wine bottle candles, mirrors, and jewelry. Serendipitini

Pet(http://www.etsy.com/shop/SerendipitiniPet) features pet lovers gifts including pet jewelry and coasters.

She also sells art and crafts with a creative reuse theme locally in Hickory, NC area.

We're happy to have Teena as a customer.

Teena you rock!!

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