Roger - The Glass Flower Guy

Roger - The Glass Flower Guy
We'll let Roger tell his own story. He's an inspiration. He has a plan and his success is impressive.

"I have been making glass flowers in Brookfield, WI for about 14 years. The early ones were simple, almost all clear glass glued together. I made 9 to 12 annually as gifts.

Once I retired I decided to donate a trio to a cancer fund auction in the fall of 2012. That was the beginning of The Glass Flower Guy. I learned of DiamondBurs on the internet and was sent the literature on how to drill glass.

My flowers are drilled and bolted together with brass and stainless steel hardware. They have a 50 lb. rated picture hook on the back that simply fits into a hollow stem. Copper pipe and conduit are examples. Drilling and bolting removes almost all of the issues with weight and size that gluing presented. I now have very few restrictions, which makes the possibilities endless.

All of the glassware is “repurposed”. I love the thought that the candy dish, platter or bowl that was used 2 or 3 times yearly, is now being enjoyed 8 to 12 months a year in the garden. It is also the best use of ashtrays, ever. My flowers are 95% glass and 5% ceramic.

One fan in IL told me that she smiles every time she sees her pieces in her garden. I make and sell about 220 flowers per year. The “hunt” for material at thrift stores, estate sales, etc. is half of the fun. Matching the pieces to create the flowers is another 50% and meeting my buyers/fans and getting their feedback is still another 50%. So, yes, I enjoy this hobby well over 100%.

My flowers are sold at craft shows in S. E. WI and my Facebook page; You can also reach me at and I will be on soon. In just two years, over 440 pieces are being enjoyed in 92 communities, 19 states and 2 countries.

I use ¼ inch diamond core bits that I only get from DiamondBurs due to fair pricing and excellent customer service.

When people ask me for glass drilling advice, my main two points are; always lubricate and speed is NOT your friend."

Roger, thanks for the plug. We're proud to have you as a customer.

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