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Lighted Glass Pumpkin | Glass Crafts

We're spotlighting the artwork of Blooms By Bunny in Atlanta, GA.

Blooms By Bunny is an handmade craft, and gift store. You'll find them on Etsy and Facebook. They make all sorts of glass and tile crafts. Their crafts include one of a kind garden art sculptures, bottle lights and embroidered gifts. Each of their craft projects is unique.

They were nice enough to share pictures and instructions for a lighted glass pumpkin. They search local thrift shops for glass plates, bottles, and platters to make glass garden flowers. While searching they found a glass cookie jar that could be "made into" a pumpkin.

They drilled a 5/8” hole in the back of the cookie jar using a 5/8" diamond core bit.

Then, they painted the outside of the cookie jar using a high gloss orange enamel paint for glass. A string of orange colored holiday lights were inserted through the hole into the body of the jar.

The jar lid was painted green, to be the pumpkin stem. Greenery circles the neck of the “pumpkin”.

Blooms By Bunny told us that the key to making sure that the paint doesn’t peel off is to bake the glassware in an oven at 350 degrees after you’ve painted it. Turn the oven off after 30 minutes and allow the pumpkin to cool slowly. The easiest way is to do this is to bake it in the evening and then allow the glass to cool overnight in the oven.

Be sure to bake the glassware before you add any lights, greenery, decals, etc. We’re not interested in starting a kitchen fire.

We're happy to have them as a customer.

You can use almost any round jar for this project. You can even use a glass fish bowl.

If you're an artist or craftsman, tell us about your drilled glass or tile craft project. Please email a short description of what you do, how you do it and a few pictures or a short video. We can only publish pictures and descriptions of original work.

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