Mutineer's Legacy

Mutineer's Legacy
In the last 12 years we have shipped diamond burs and diamond drill bits all over the world, to over 80 countries.

Now we have customers in one of the most remote inhabited places on the planet -- Pitcairn Island, in the middle of the south Pacific Ocean.

You might remember from your history class (or from the movies), the story of The Mutiny on the Bounty.

In 1789, the crew of the HMS Bounty, led by Fletcher Christain mutineed and took over the Bounty. They alleged that Captain Bligh was inhumane in his treatment of the crew. Captain Bligh and several others were set adrift in one of the ships longboats. They made the 3500 mile trip back to civilization.

Fletcher Christain, eight other crewmen, six Tahitian men, and 11 women set sail in the Bounty. They settled on Pitcairn Island,

Today there are 49 residents of Pitcairn Island. All are direct descendants of the original mutineers.

The island has no internet and very limited access. So how can they be a customer of ours? Our customer Tony Probst orders the drill bits and he ships them to Pitcairn Island. They arrive on one of the supply ships that dock every three months.

The island's main sources of revenue are tourism and souvenirs. We are proud to know that they're now using our drill bits to drill shells, beach glass and pearls to make souvenir crafts.

When Tony isn't sailing the world he owns Home Theatre Solutions near San Francisco.

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