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Classsroom Donation - Covington LA
Thank you for your business. We used $282.00 of profits to purchase 43 children's books (The Magic Schoolbus Series) for a 4th grade classroom in Covington, Louisiana.

The donation was made through


We received the following letter from the teacher.

Dear Guy,

Thank you so much for your wonderful donations! What a great surprise!

I am trying to move my classroom more and more to authentic learning and reading. This project will allow me to do so many things with my students! I can just imagine them with their noses in these fantastic books as they learn about Science and Social Studies AND improve their reading!

As we speak, they are at lunch, and I can hardly wait to go tell them the great news. They are such a great, deserving group of kids and I know they will be just as thrilled as I am.

I look forward to getting the books in and sharing our learning experiences with you.

With gratitude,

Mrs. H.


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Thanks again!