How To Make A Fall Bottle Light

How To Make A Fall Bottle Light

Lights in a Bottle - Fall Color

This is a simple and creative fall/autumn project.
Rated -- Easy for beginners.

Materials List

  • 1 large glass jar or bottle, ours was a 1 gallon wine bottle
  • 1 tissue paper
  • 1 Mod Podge
  • 1 strand of white holiday lights
  • 10 – 15 colorful fall leaves (silk or real)

Tools List

  • 1 5/8” diamond drill bit
  • 1 drill or drill press
  • 1 paint brush

This project turned out even better than we expected. We used a 1 gallon wine bottle. You could use any large jar or bottle. You could even use a glass fish bowl. Another option would be to use glass kitchen canister.

You can find a large assortment of glass jars, canisters; cookie jars etc, at garage sales, flea markets and local thrift shops. Ours was given to us by a family member who enjoys wine.

Inspect your bottle for any chips or scratches. If there is a bad side, put it to the back. Using a drill or drill press, drill a ½” or 5/8” hole through the glass. The hole should be on the back side of the bottle near the bottom. A diamond core bit works best. You’ll need a hole large enough for the string of holiday lights. Most crafters use either ½”, 5/8” or ¾” diamond core bit. ½” is usually the smallest hole that the lights will fit through but they can be a tight fit. I recommend using either 5/8” or ¾”,

When drilling with small diamond core bits remember to:

  • Use a slow drill speed of 1500-2500 RPM
  • Use light drill pressure
  • Keep the drill bit and the glass wet

For more drilling tips, visit the “How to Drill Glass” page on our website and download your free copy of the Glass Drilling Guide.

We painted the outside of the wine bottle with Mod Podge. You’ll want to cover the entire bottle. Don’t leave any spots “unpainted”. Apply a single layer of tissue paper to the outside of the bottle. The Mod Podge will soak into the tissue paper and make it fragile. If it tears it’s an easy fix but once it becomes wet the tissue paper is difficult to work with. If the tissue paper does tear you can dab on additional Mod Podge and apply a small piece of tissue paper to cover.

Next we dabbed on some extra Mod Podge and applied silk leaves on top of the tissue paper. You could also use real leaves. The leaves are an accent. We want the light to shine through. We’re not trying to cover the bottle with leaves.

After the Mod Podge had dried we inserted a string of white Christmas lights into the bottle through the hole that we drilled earlier. We left a about an 18” pigtail sticking out of the wine bottle.

Plug it in. A great looking accent light or night light for your den or foyer.

A word of caution. We recommend using LED lights. Regular incandescent lights will generate a tremendous amount of heat in a short time, especially if they’re enclosed in a jar with a lid. If you do use non-LED lights, leave the top of the bottle unplugged and check it often for heat buildup.

If you have a drilled glass or tile project, we’d love to feature it (and you) on our website and blog. Please email a short description of what you do, how you do it and a few pictures or a short video. We can only publish pictures and descriptions of original work.

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