"Finally, a new, easy way to drill beach glass! Guaranteed results! Learn how..."

Drill Beach Glass
Drill Beach Glass | How To Drill Beach Glass

Drill Beach Glass
How to Drill Beach Glass

Discover how to drill beach glass...in minutes. FREE drilling guide. FREE shipping.

You spent hours walking the beach. Finally...you found the right piece of beach glass!
  • How do you drill holes in it?
  • What bit should you use?
  • Can you use a Dremel® tool? Yes!!
“You’re a lifesaver! Your information for
drilling glass, was wonderful. THANK YOU!”

Becky C. in Erie, PA *****************************************

Do you have questions about drilling beaCH glass, sea shells and sea glass? Download the 6 page Helpful Hints Drilling Guide. It’s FREE. Click here to download your copy and learn how to drill glass.

Use diamond drill bits to help create that memorable piece of jewelry.

You’ll receive a FREE copy of the “How To” Drilling guide with your drill bit order. Using the “How To” Guide means that you can learn to drill sbeach glass, sea glass and sea shells....in less than 15 minutes.

The tools to help you create a treasured keepsake. You have the glass and a drill. All you need is the right diamond drill bit and a little bit of know-how.

Surprise your mother, daughter or best friend with beautiful heirloom jewelry. Some of our clients are building a satisfying business as a jewelry designer. Others are developing a local reputation for creating beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts. You will too.

Your order includes:
  • FREE instruction guide "How To Drill Sea Glass".
  • FREE shipping saves you money
  • 100% money back, no risk guarantee
Take time to browse. Most people start out with the ”Beginner’s Sea Glass Set”.

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