Can I drill glass or tile without using water?

Can I drill glass without water?
Glass Drill Bits | Glass Drill | Can I drill glass without using water? Yes, you can but you probably shouldn’t. I agree, setting up a water bath or a spray bottle can be a pain and it can makes drilling messier.

You can drill “dry” with any diamond drill bit. But, the bit will burn up. Guaranteed!

Diamonds are incredibly hard. Much harder than the glass, tile or stone that you’re drilling. However, the friction created by drilling heats up the glass or tile and the diamond bit. So hot that they can actually turn red and glow.

We’ve had customers tell us that they use WD-40, brake fluid, mineral oil, antifreeze and kerosene as coolant/lubricants. All are interesting choices but none work as well as water with a drop or two of dishwashing soap. Not enough soap to make it sudsy just enough to break the surface tension of the water.

Water is also the easiest to clean up afterwards. Have you ever tried getting WD-40 out of a glass block or a wine bottle? You don’t want to!

Using a water bath or spray will pay off. You trade 30 seconds of extra drilling time for a bit that will last two or three times as long. It’s a bargain. You don't want your drill bits to end up like the picture above.

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