Carving Eggs with TurboCarver?
Diamond Bits for Details

Egg Carving Bits 1/16" Shank for TurboCarver

Egg Carving Bits with a 1/16" Shank

Egg carvers! You've got to be our most creative visitors. These diamond bits will help you drill, carve and sculpt eggs.

Order your egg carving bits now and you'll get....

  • FREE "How-To" Drilling Guide so that you don't waste your drill bits, glass, time or money.
  • FREE shipping saves you money
  • 100% money back, no risk guarantee

Whether you’re carving for your own pleasure or professionally, you’ll find the egg carving bits you need.

Listed below is an assortment of bits with 1/16" shanks. They are used in air tools such as Turbo Carver® or rotary rools such as Dremel® and Foredom® with a 1/16" collet.

1/16" Jewelry Drill Bit - Needle
Regular price: $4.35
Sale price: $3.75, 6/$20.00, 20/$49.80
1/16" Jewelry Drill bit -  Taper
Regular price: $4.35
Sale price: $3.75, 6/$20.00, 20/$49.80
3/32" Jewelry Drill Bit - Taper
Regular price: $4.35
Sale price: $3.75, 6/$20.00, 20/$49.80
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