Wouldn't a pointed bit work better?

Wouldn't a pointed drill bit work better?
Glass Drill Bits | Wouldn't a pointed bit work better? A good question. Seems intuitive. Drill bits for wood, come to a point. Knives work better when they’re sharp. Scissors too.

Why don’t we sell glass drill bits that are pointed and sharp? We do recommend pointed drill bits, but they’re for special uses, such as reaming out the clogged holes in beads, etc.

Pointed bits are easy to use for about one or two holes, or maybe only for only a half of a hole, but as soon as the point wears out they stop drilling.

The real problem with pointed drill bits is…the point. The point goes in first then the rest of the drill bit follows. The point is the smallest and narrowest part of the drill bit. That means fewer diamonds. There’s just less room at the point. The point will wear out first.

Remember those yellow number 2 pencils in school? The point of a pencil always wore out first. If the point of your pencil wore out or was broken it really didn’t matter how much lead was in the rest of the pencil. When the point wears out then the rest of the drill bit won’t matter either.

For drilling holes in glass, stone and tile we suggest that you use a diamond drill bit with a round end or a diamond core bit. Neither of which, is pointed or sharp.

The point is…always use a diamond core bit or a round end bit. You’ll get a lot more holes drilled for your money.

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