Which Dremel tool should I use with my glass drill bits?

Which Dremel tool should I use with my glass drill bits?
Diamond Dremel Bits | Dremel Bits | Diamond Drill Bits for Dremel Tools Which model rotary tool should I use with my glass drill bits?

That is a very common question.

Unfortunately, it's one that we're not qualified to answer, but here are some guidelines:

There are a lot of excellent rotary tool manufacturers; Dremel, Black and Decker, Sears Craftsman, Proxxon, etc. Each of them has several models to choose from.

We recommend drilling at a slow speed and without much drill pressure to minimize the amount of heat generated from friction. So, drill speed and torque are not major concerns.

Your local hardware store personnel or a shopping comparison site will be more helpful to you for choosing a specific model

We recommend that you "handle" several in a hardware store and/or home center. The things you will want to look for is ease of use, how it feels in your hand and most importantly, feel how heavy the tool is. Even a light tool will begin to feel heavy in your hand after 10-15 minutes of drilling.

Most of our customers use the national name brands such as Dremel, Black & Decker, Sears, Proxxon, etc. for drilling glass and tile. They are all reputable and come with a valid warranty.

Dremel also makes a "Drill Press Attachment" that allows you to use your Dremel tool as a drill press. That could be useful if you ever decide to use a drill press, without purchasing an additional drill. You might want to make sure that the model you purchase will fit in their work center if you think that a drill press may be in your future. I believe that all of their corded models will fit in the drill press attachment

The only additional thing to consider is the power source. Most of our customers use water as a coolant/lubricant. Consequently some of our customers use a battery powered tool instead of a corded model. They’re concerned about mixing electricity and water.

Hopefully this will at least point you in the right direction so that you can make a better decision.

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