Glass Drill Bits:
How fast should I drill?

Glass Drill Bits - How fast should I drill?
Glass Drill Bits | Glass Drill | How fast should I drill? “I’m drilling glass, how fast should I drill?”

“I read that I can drill at 450,000 revolutions per minute (RPM). My Dremel tool will only go to 35,000 RPM. Can I still drill glass?”

You can find all sorts of information and more importantly, misinformation on the web about drilling glass, tile and stone.

The right drilling speed for one application doesn’t always carry over to another. Circumstances, materials, and tools all make a difference. Your family dentist uses diamond drill bits in his dental drill at extremely high speeds, up to 450,000 RPM.

We recommend a much, much slower drill speed for sea glass, shells, tile, etc. If you’re drilling small holes, only about 1500-3000 RPM. .

Diamond core bits for drilling wine bottles, glass bottles and glass block, even slower. Usually in the range of 600-1000 RPM. That’s usually the slowest setting on a drill press. Or, about one-quarter to one-half of the top speed of a hand-held power drill

By using a slower drill speed and lots of coolant you minimize the heat created from friction. Your bits will last much, much longer than drilling at a high speed.

True; you will drill holes faster at high speeds, but only a little faster and you will wear out the bits 10 times as fast because of the extra heat.

What if your drill, rotary tool or air tool doesn’t have a speed that slow?

Then we adjust to the tool. Use an “up and down” motion while drilling. Drill for 4-5 seconds then lift up for 4-5 seconds to let coolant flood the drill hole and allow the bit to cool. Then drill for 4-5 seconds, and then lift up. You’ll minimize the heat from friction, just like drilling at a slower speed.

Most of the bits that are returned to us as "defective", have black, brown, blue and yellow "burn" marks on them. Too much heat from drilling too fast. We honor the guarantee but very few of the bits were actually defective. Most were accidently misused. It's a new experience for most of our customers. Drilling glass isn't like drilling into a wooden 2 by 4.

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