Drilling Glass or Tile? Diamond Drill Bits or Arrowhead Bits?

Drilling Glass - Diamond Drill Bits VS Arrowhead Bits
Drilling Glass | Diamond Drill Bits or Arrowhead Bits Can’t I use those arrowhead shaped bits at the hardware store to drill glass?

Yes, you can. Not well, not fast and with a fair amount of broken glass or tile, but you can.

A lot of our customers have used those arrowhead shaped bits. They bought them at their local hardware store or home center. They’re close, they’re inexpensive and they’ve sold by a reputable company – why not give ‘em a try?

Diamond drill bits for drilling glass and those arrowhead shaped bits both work on similar principles. They both remove pieces of glass, until you’ve got the hole you need.

Those arrowhead bits use two carbide “fins” to chip away shards of glass. About 40% of the time the result is a broken wine bottle or glass block. About 60% of the time the result is a hole in the glass. It’s rough, sharp and needs to be sanded or polished, but it’s a hole.

The difference (and it’s a big one) is how they remove the glass.

Diamond drill bits are covered with small diamond chips. The diamond chips are much, much smaller than the “fins” on the arrowhead bits. So, each diamond chip removes a much, much smaller piece of glass. However, there are thousands of diamond chips on each diamond bit. The result is that the thousands of diamond chips grind a hole through the glass or tile.

You can see the difference. With the arrowhead bits you have a pile of glass chips. With diamond drill bits you end up with a pile of glass dust.

Less stress on the glass means no broken glass and a much smoother hole that usually doesn’t need additional sanding or polishing.

The diamond glass drill bits, drill faster, with fewer broken pieces and a much smoother edged hole.

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