Can my diamond
drill bits be sharpened?

Can my diamond drill bits be sharpened?
Diamond Drill Bits | Can my diamond drill bits be sharpened? We’ve had several customers ask. To find an answer, we asked two of our suppliers about recoating worn out diamond drill bits. Unfortunately, they can’t be recoated.

Both manufacturers gave the same answer. Making new diamond drill bits is an almost totally automated process. Computer controlled machinery shapes the stainless steel. Then the stainless steel blanks are electroplated with the diamond coating.

Scraping the remaining diamond coating off of a used diamond drill bit, so that it’s clean enough to be recoated, is a manual process. Labor intensive and costly.

In other words, it’s cheaper to make a new blank than it is to clean a used one.

Now the good news! Even if your diamond drill bits can’t be recoated, they can be cleaned.

Many times the diamond bits are still on the drill bit. Not worn down, just covered up. Drilling glass and tile creates a very fine glass dust that coats and “glazes over” the diamonds on the drill bit. Using a cleaning stone or the bristle ends of a small wire brush can remove the glazing and re-expose the diamond particles. Not sharpening but uncovering the diamond coating for many more uses.

You should clean your diamond drill bits after every third hole or more often as needed.

This is a good idea for both glass drill bits and diamond core bits.

After the bits are worn out the stainless steel is recyclable if your community has a metal and plastics recycling program.

Clean them. You’ll be glad you did.

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