Can I drill sea glass?

Can I Drill Sea Glass?
How To Drill Sea Glass | Can I Drill Sea Glass? "I’ve collected tons of sea glass."
"Now I want to do something with it."
"Can I drill holes in it and make jewelry?"

These are some of the most common questions that we get and it’s really a “twofer”. The second question that always comes with it is “Which drill bit do I use to drill holes in my sea glass?”

Two great questions! Two very popular questions! Unfortunately, with no right answer.

It’s a matter of personal preference. We recommend that you use a drill bit with a rounded end, either a round ball or a round end cylinder.

The rounded (spherical) end puts twice as many diamonds in contact with the glass as a flat end cylinder.

If I could find my 9th grade Geometry teacher, I would like to tell him that those formulas for finding the area of a circle and a sphere came in handy. Took a long time but I finally did use them. Who would have thought?

The two most popular bits for drilling sea glass are the 1/16” and 1/20” bits. The holes they drill are a good size for almost all beading wires, fishing line, jump rings and earring findings. The 1/20” is just a little smaller. Both will fit in a drill, drill press, Dremel tool or rotary tool.

You can see them both at the Drill Sea Glass section of our website. They’re also both included in the”Beginner’s Sea Glass Set”.

So, no right answer but two answers that are a lot more popular for drilling sea glass. If you want more information about drilling sea glass and sea shells, you can download a copy of How Drill Sea Glass from our website.

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